Whole Family Wellness

Whole Family Wellness

Develop a more Holistic Relationship with your Family, your Community, your Home and Your Self through Learning about what grows in your own backyard Together and Experimenting through different mediums Together

As a family, ask questions about what is healthy; what is fun; and what sparks the imagination. Create art. Make teas and salves and foods. Do these things together. There is no failure when there is effort. All accidents become compost for something else.

What is wellness?

What does it mean to be well? Wellness is different from Healthy. Wellness is a state of BEING.

A state of being well. When we are well, we are inspired by the little quirks of happiness and sadness to ask a fundamental question. Why?

It is a sickness to get stuck in the emotions of happiness and sadness. These emotions are a regular part of humanity.

But what makes us happy? What makes up sad? What gives worry? What feels glad?

Limiting our palate creates a rut that is not creative in our food choices, entertainment choices, and our view of “reality”.

Trying something new, like tea in the afternoon instead of coffee or soda, offers a different feeling of where we are in our life. It is in the tiny nuances, that profound shifts in outlook occur.

A child who sits for an hour in front of a video game or a television has intense pangs of loss if it is taken away; however the same child will feel freedom if he or she is inspired to play outside. Similarly, if the choices that the child has to have as a snack are shifted from what that child can open to what that child can make, that child will broaden their palate and begin to ask many questions. These questions can either annoy or inspire the caregiver.

It is a choice to be inspired.

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