What is the Backyard Healers Project?

Everything offered in the Elementi Project is geared toward children.

To this end, parents are always invited to participate with their children at NO COST. Additional children of the same home are invited to participate at HALF the Cost. If one is without children, they are invited to participate by SPONSORING a child.

Children are great teachers. Children can easily interact with the greatest teachers without ego and insecurity. Let your child lead the way…

Nothing spreads joy like the smile of a child.
Nothing sparks the imagination like the games of children.
Nothing excites the inner artist than giving a child a box of things that make other things and request that they make a mess.

The child is always RUNNING towards TRUTH.


The Backyard Healers Project makes learning Herbs as Common as WEEDS

Each and every day we pass by yards, parks and empty lots. As we pass we weeds, flowers and trees. What if you saw helpers for colds, fevers, flavor and general feeling good?

These courses are designed to engage, heal, and spark creativity.

During the course, children and their sponsors will experiment making simple preparations, foods and art using the common every day materials from the back yard!

Classes are forming, ongoing and COMING UP!

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