Seeds Waiting for Spring

In the cold, dry, subtle, silence, snowfall blankets all around. So quiet, held captive, transfixed by a narrow shaft of light. Moonbeams falling through thick clouds of snow. Snowflakes fall like silver shimmering fairy dust all across the deep quiet of earth’s sleeping time. As a mother curls around her babe to warm her, to snuggle her, to help her hear that heart bounding with love that formed the background of her watery world only a few months ago; so to our Mother the Earth holds and warms the seeds of Springtime in her dark warm body.

What can you hear in Winter?


Absolute Silence.

The only sounds come from your own breath….

And your mind filled of desires, insults, adorations and dreams. To quiet the mind that insults our capacity to be whole, we must seek relationships.

Create an experiment to unravel the veils of illusion over our eyes. Look out into the world with the eyes of a child. See the beauty of light inside leaves that dance in wind’s breezes. Remember the great humanity of people as you seek out the carefree smiles of children. Realize impossibility of escaping relationship with the Great Mother Earth. She will feed us even as we treat her with disdain…. just as our own mothers did day after teenaged day.

We embark on this life anew through our children. As our children are given the permission to be as they are and become aware of all that is around them, they will inevitably show us how to foster beauty in our every day life. Our children show us, given half a chance, how we are already spiritual beings capable of beauty and failure and a fearlessness that moves toward the divine, by any name, through all of our actions.

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