Spring….. Renewal

New life surges its way from rootstock to leaf to flower. Such a long dark winter the last year has been. A community luxury inside spent. Now the first bees lead spring songbirds into the yard and into the tiny crack in the morning window. Finally, the blossom finds its way into our vision. Finally, the celebrations of Holi, Easter, Equinox find celebration from a long restless, fearful night. Skin and body’s tissues relax in warm sunshine. A smile creeps across the face as messengers of spring flock into the yard.

How did you spend COVID?   


Opinionated, and Right?


Did you use your newfound time at home to cultivate those hobbies you always wanted to do? Did you learn something? Take an online class? Re-connect with children, friends?

What did you incubate in this time? Whatever that was, it is time to let these qualities hatch.

Where you afraid? Fear comes from a cold sense of disconnection. Earth is fire. Let the soil run over your hands and cook littles seeds into the transformation of life. Let the seedlings, the flowers the plants be vital food for your eyes and taste buds. Breathe in life. Listen to the bees who come to feast. Relax in the warmth of the sun and allow yourself to grow as the little seedling that you are nourishing. The seed dies and the plant sprouts. Be that seed and shed the old habits that kept you from feeling the warmth of the sun.

Where you opinionated and right? Did you have all the answers for those around you? Did you watch and listen to commentators adding your own opinions along the way? Maybe sit and watch the perfection that has always been around you. The perfection that isn’t about you. Plant a seed in the ground and nurture it. See it transform and leaf out and transform and bud and transform and blossom. Blossom and taste the cool sweet dew in the first morning light. We are not perfect; but the nature world is. These are our teachers. Earth is our teacher… the mother that allows our footsteps our anger our steel tools and still gives us her children… foods, flowers, fruits. Observe her lessons…..

Who are your teachers?

Where you indulgent? Indulgence comes from so many places and offers happiness and sorrow….. guilt and pleasure…. Time to dry out. Get down on the ground and plant some seeds. The earth will take the water from your hands. The sun will warm and cook your tissues leaving vitality in its wake. The water will splash the sunshine into rainbows. Filling you with memories of idyllic childhood abandon. This added vitality of being outside can shower you with the resolution to life fully in the light of all the magical creatures.

Any way you look at it, we have been preparing to shift our gaze back toward the magical creatures of the outside world. There is so much beauty, compassion, and acceptance in the natural world. Her gifts are constant and ever-present.

A new life is upon us….

Lift up your head….

Call out to the winds….

Sing to the horizon…..

Plant seeds….

Watch them grow….

Fail Beautifully…..

Try again…..

Meet your Backyard Healer friends.

Invite in LIFE IN!

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