NomiElementi is a project to bring families together through art, learning, plants, gardening and cooking. Real spiritual life for householders happens in the home. Cleaning diapers, cooking meals, teaching our children and learning from our children.

This project is a dynamic and ever changing experiment in how to bring families closer together and in relationship with the whole environment through very active engagement, listening and failing beautifully to invite relationship, balance and beauty between our human communities and the larger living community.

Nomi Gallo, Mother

Mother, Artist, Teacher, Maker of Beauty

Nomi comes from a wide variety of skills and backgrounds that culminate into a philosophy of a living humanity in relationship to the divine in nature. Her early work in Theatre and art exemplifies a fearlessness toward failure in the ultimate goal of serving beauty. This work lead her on a perilous path towards the essential truths laid inside the body of ayurveda who spread herself on top of the land as an invitation to find HER. The Supreme Beauty of the Earth HERself. Her 15+ years of theatre essentially taught her the strange perilous reality of living the present always…. Present even in the repetition of multiple shows a week. Her 15+ years in Ayurveda taught her to meet the divine encased in the bodies of those before her. Her years working in post partum and family medicine showed her the way to find the awe and appreciation of real life and real relationships.  

Nomi’s current work is as a mother and a mentor to families who wish to experience the fullness of this human life…. The Elementi Project.

Mother is the first teacher. Amma reminds us that our birth mother let’s us play on her lap for only a short time; but Mother Earth carries us our entire mortal life…. So, who is she?

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