Engaging Backyard Healers

Each week we will engage with a different group of plants growing right in your backyard (or not too far away) through art, writing and other fun, hands-on modalities. This week, we will make greeting cards with rosemary, tulip leaves, onion and garlic flowers. Find all sorts of different ways to use beauty to createContinue reading “Engaging Backyard Healers”

New Courses

We have exciting new courses! There are weekday formats and weekend formats. All courses are geared for the whole family… Caregivers are welcome to attend at no additional charge. Children are the great teachers! They ask questions and their curiosity feeds the caregiver’s sense of wonder. So, stay young, grab your children and join us!Continue reading “New Courses”

Spring….. Renewal

New life surges its way from rootstock to leaf to flower. Such a long dark winter the last year has been. A community luxury inside spent. Now the first bees lead spring songbirds into the yard and into the tiny crack in the morning window. Finally, the blossom finds its way into our vision. Finally,Continue reading “Spring….. Renewal”

Seeds Waiting for Spring

In the cold, dry, subtle, silence, snowfall blankets all around. So quiet, held captive, transfixed by a narrow shaft of light. Moonbeams falling through thick clouds of snow. Snowflakes fall like silver shimmering fairy dust all across the deep quiet of earth’s sleeping time. As a mother curls around her babe to warm her, toContinue reading “Seeds Waiting for Spring”

Learn, Shop Botanicals

The Shop will offer an array of one of a kind cards, photographs, paintings, and herbal products and gifts. Once the classes start producing more products, the student’s work will also be available.

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The Moreno Valley…..

Glorious and tranquil colors move as wind sings songs of seeds and of planting.

Snow has just melted and the first shoots of grasses and flowers are forging through the grasses of last year.

There is no more wonderful place to be and feel who you really are!

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