Backyard Healers

Our mission is to inspire families to work together to cultivate a holistic relationship with each other and their eco-environment. So, the price is per child. The initial price for the first child. Each additional child is roughly half off. Caretakers are invited to participate at no cost. Children under 3 are free. This way whole families are able to participate together.

Backyard Healers….
This Week’s Special Course….

For the next 3 weeks, we will work with clay. Learn an old technique for making clay pots.

Thursday 4-5pm $108/student or $256/family

To reserve a spot, 505-270-6831 or nomi@nomielementi.com

Classes at Blue Desert in Tijeras, NM

Spring into Vitality: Food and Drinks in the Spring Season

Spring is a time to open the house and clean the forgotten corners of our world. Birds wake us from the slumber of winter’s hibernation. This Spring in particular pulls us up and out from the slumber of COVID. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. The Colors of grasses and blooms make us hungry for fruits.

Come experience the greater vitality of what spring has to offer through foods and drinks make right from your own backyard, the mountain trails and the rich bosque.

May 22-23, 2021 info: bluedeserthale@gmail.com $250/student*

Spring into Family Wellness: Spring as Remedy and Wellness

Experience whole family wellness making household remedies any healthy family would be excited to see in their kitchen. Students and their caregivers will learn how to make tinctures and salves.  Children will inspire their caregivers and friends with questions and curiosity that brings health, wellness and vitality to the whole family. Say goodbye to the silence of thumbs and finger tapping keys on the keyboard. Say goodbye to glazed eyes. Say hello to family activities that enliven the body, mind and spirit.

June 5-6, 2021 info: bluedeserthale@gmail.com $250/student*

Spring back to life: Springtime Botanical Art

All by itself, the flower sprouts, buds, blooms and falls away. We can watch as a bystander or we can participate in a relationship that brings life and love into our homes and families.

Join us to participate with mother nature by creating art that enlivens our families and enlivens her.

June 19-20, 2021 info: bluedeserthale@gmail.com $250/student*

*Additional students of the same family are half price. Caregivers are invited at no cost.

Blue Desert
Retreat Center
12 hours/weekend, $250/first child, $125/additional children
Caretakers and children under 3 free

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On-going Weekday Classes

Special Event Courses


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